Tom is a full-stack software developer and has completed several projects at the Telegraaf Media Group (TMG). This is his story!

As a full-stack developer, my first project was at TMG to work on the website ‘’. This is the sports-section of ‘De Telegraaf’, the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands. The work of the team I worked in consisted of creating new features to the site and to make sure the site was ready to go live by improving the performance of it. We optimized the website mostly using NodeJS and React, and altogether it took us about four months.

After we finished this project, I started to work on another project at TMG. This project was bigger than the first one. I’ve been given the opportunity to build the mobile app for ‘Metronieuws’ from scratch. This way, I continued to develop my technological skills. After a while, as a result of a restructuring of the project, I also became a ‘Technical Lead’ within this project, which was really cool, because I could develop my leadership skills as well.

At this project I was involved since the beginning, from the moment we started to design the architecture of the app. For example, I was involved in talks about the business value and I responsible for the choice of stack and for the inclusion of all the different components of the app. It’s an app that runs on both iOS and Android and the code was mostly written in React Native.

While we started writing the code, the team and me also made sure the codebase and the servers were ready and that all different components could be connected to each other. This way, not just the code, but the entire basis of the app was on point.

It took about six months to get the first version of the app live. Every two weeks, a new sprint with new sub-goals was defined, in order for the team to work as efficient as possible towards specific goals, like building a login-page or creating a location-based couponing system. After the app went live, we focused on the new website for ‘Metronieuws’.

This is exactly what I like about Sytac and the projects my colleagues and me are working on: the variety of it. Even though software is never finished, I’ve got the chance to work on different projects, so I can learn different things. Creating the ‘Metronieuws’-app from scratch was really exciting and challenging, but when the app started to function better and better, it was time to gradually move on to another project, which was the ‘Metronieuws’-website.

At the moment, we’re figuring out what my next step could be. But whether this next step is at TMG or at another client of Sytac, I’m sure that this step will enable me to take a next step forward in my career. My training budget helps me with this as well. Last year I used my training budget to go to a conference in Barcelona and to buy books on programming languages. This helps me to stay updated on the latest technological developments, so wherever I end up next, I’m more than confident that I’m up for the challenge!