The Client

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest seaport in Europe, located in the city of Rotterdam in South Holland, Netherlands. Rotterdam consists of five distinct port areas and three distribution parks that facilitate the needs of a hinterland with over 50,000,000 consumers throughout the continent of Europe.

Four parties are involved in the project: ABN, Samsung SDS, Blocklab, and Port of Rotterdam. For this project, the ABN Innovation Lab (R&D) was used.

The Project

The objective of this project is to create an open and neutral industry platform that optimizes both the physical and financial supply chain. Using blockchain technology enables interoperability, integrated container tracking and tracing, required cargo documentation processing and financing in a trusted, secure and paperless way. In this way, it should be possible to send a container from one location to another paperless, instantly financed and fully tracked door-to-door. DELIVER fixes the supply chain’s trust and transparency problem by enabling a more transparent, efficient, predictable and secure exchange of information. It tracks orders, shipments and finance in real-time, improves data sharing, reduces risk and enhances interoperability. It is expected that the use of blockchain technology will enhance transparency and efficiency in the supply chain while saving millions of dollars in operational expenses.

The current state of logistics totally depends on papers. You need to print all these documents, send a courier to another country, wait for ages while transportation companies, customs, buyers, senders will sign all papers and maybe even send it back. So our project tries to digitalize the world of global delivery and make it in a secure and confident way.


  • Javascript, React
  • Go
  • Nodejs
  • Ethereum
  • Web3
  • Smart-contracts
  • Docker, Kubernetes

We built a blockchain-based solution, which helps consumers to improve the way they communicate. Also, we provide three different interfaces to track the shipment; create, store, and share private documents and manage shipments/deliveries. On top of this, we also provide the ability to use third-party services to fund and ensure transportation. Some small features allow our users to control the most sensitive information they want, i.e. humidity and temperature inside of the container to prevent goods from damage and if the door was opened.


Speed is the most important result of the work. We’ve tested our project with two customers. We improved the speed they communicate with counterparties, and also gave much more information about what is happening during the shipment, especially when the goods are on the vessel in the open sea (quality of the goods and if some conditions were broken while shipping).

Since “Vault” (secure storage and ownership interface) was released, our users got a possibility to upload any documents to the platform with great security, and also share it with any other people they want.

The vault requires a subscription approved by the owner of the vault. And it means that every document has an owner and can not be accessed by other people. This increases the security of documents.