Hi there! My name is Tonino from Italy, and I’ve been working with Sytac since 2015. This is the story about my personal path, from how I ended up here to what I’m working on today.

My story at Sytac started almost one year before I actually joined the company. An Italian speaking recruiter contacted me, and he asked me if I was interested in joining this company he worked for in the Netherlands. At the time, I lived in Italy, where both my social and my professional life were, so moving to the Netherlands was a big step for me and I needed time to consider the offer.

Some months later he contact me again and now we decided to go through the first part of the application procedure, which was a success. I asked the recruiter to get back at me after the summer, so I could at least finish the project I was working on. After this, I didn’t hear from him any more, which is why I was really surprised that he actually contacted me almost six months later. He kept his promise and this time he invited me to come to the office in Haarlem.

From the moment I landed at Schiphol airport, everyone was really welcoming and that day I got more familiar with Sytac and the people working at Sytac. Since the very beginning, everyone at Sytac helped me a lot. For example, when I was still living in Italy,  we cooperated in finding an apartment to rent. I looked for apartments online and when I saw a place I liked, someone from Sytac went there to see if the place matched my expectations. I found my place this way an by the way, I still live there!

Professionally, what appeals to me about Sytac is that they really focus on finding a project that not only meets my technical expertise, but also my personal interests. I’m encouraged to follow my own path, so that I can grow as a developer and as a person. We always look for projects where I can develop my skills and knowledge, while being happy at the same time.

My first big project was at Telegraaf Media Group (TMG), publisher of the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands. Over here, I was a Java core developer. Nowadays, Sytac is the preferred supplier of TMG, but I was actually the first employee of Sytac to end up there! This was pretty cool. Because I was the only one there, they gave me a lot of responsibilities and freedom. Among other things, I was involved in upgrading big Java projects and creating an a RESTful API for a ReactJS single page application. Besides coding, I was responsible for the caching layer, , DB-migration, continuous integration and more.

Once this was done, it was time to move on. I ended up at ING, where I was a full-stack developer, working mainly with AngularJS, JavaEE and Maven. Here, ?I leveraged this time to sharpen up my knowledge with frontend-frameworks and best practices on cyber-security?.

At the project I worked on after ING, I didn’t feel comfortable and Sytac nimbly helped me switch to a new project that was more in line with my needs. Within two months, I started working at KLM. From the moment I started there?, ?my productivity boosted back up as much as the code quality I am used to deliver.

I’m still happily positioned at KLM, where I’m a API-engineer. I’m responsible for the development of robust and scalable API’s that are available for different consumers within the entire Air France-KLM ecosystem. Currently, I’m also working on digitizing the entire engineering and maintenance department of aircrafts of KLM, working with Java8, Oracle, MongoDB and many more technologies.

Recently, I’ve been promoted to ‘Technical Officer’ at Sytac. This means that I assess both the skills and experience of potential employees and that I organize events like hackathons, meetups and internal workshops.

I have been working for Sytac since the start of my adventure here in the Netherlands. From that moment, I have never felt the need to change employer, because at Sytac I’m having the chance to learn from all these experiences. Here, I’ve found a company that is ready to listen to my needs, that is capable of hiring good people, and that forges even greater ones. Oh, and did I mention we also have a hell of a lot of fun over here?