Sytac has been providing KLM with top-notch software development expertise for several years.

KLM is not just any other company, it’s a company that has had a royal status from the day they were founded. Today, they are the third largest employer in the Netherlands that welcomed over 32 million passengers last year!

The past decades competition in the aviation industry has increased a lot because of the arrival of the low-cost carriers as well as the expansion of the Gulf carriers resulting in lower prices and therefore lower margins. To tackle this, KLM focuses on cutting down costs, investing in new fleet and product and also investing in innovative solutions. IT plays an important role. For instance, in digitizing processes, using a.i. technology to better predict maintenance, using virtual reality to train crew members, etc. All to make KLM the most customer centric, innovative and efficient network carrier!

All in all, it’s safe to say that IT is crucial for the entire business of KLM. Innovation and digitization become more and more important. This is why KLM likes to work with partners who can advise about ‘best practices’, are pro-active and who have the expertise to realize its goals!

This is where Sytac comes in. For instance, our experts have been working together with Alcatel to implement Wi-Fi on board of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner!

Another example is that we contribute to an Engineering & Maintenance project digitizing maintenance processes on aircrafts. Ultimately this will reduce costs and makes it more fun and efficient for mechanics to do their job making use of high end modern tablets.

How do we do this? First of all, we make sure to understand our client’s needs. Based on those needs we (make sure we) provide the knowledge and experience to help KLM reach their goals. Next to that we maintain high standards when it comes to software development and we continually invest to keep our personnel trained in those areas that fit our client’s needs.

We have been working successfully with KLM for seven years now and we do our utmost to continue this relationship for years and years to come!