A collection of our case studies

Improving supermarket check-out user experience

Improving online checkout customer experience through extensive A/B testing. Read more

Backend Integration for a FinTech company

Realizing a working prototype that integrates Backbase’s product with a new core banking system Read more

Interactively helping customers find what they need

Conversational interfaces to guide customers through a home banking application. Read more

Providing financial flexibility with consumer loans

Providing customers with easy, reliable and controlled processes for getting a loan and managing... Read more

Aircrafts maintenance scheduling made easy

Replacing an expensive and hard to maintan legacy mainframe system with the State of the Art... Read more

Getting you and the data there on time

Implementing tools for more efficient aicraft maintenance management. Read more

Managing the crew's roster

Providing a 15000+ members crew an effective way to check and manage their rosters. Read more

Paperless logistics with blockchain technology

Creating an open and neutral industry platform that optimizes both the physical and financial... Read more