We do everything Java & JavaScript

Software Developers

We have developers in many shapes and sizes, yet all specialised in Java or JavaScript. Our developers can help speed-up a development process or start a new project from scratch. We always aim to find the perfect match between the needs of our clients and the technical expertise and passion of our developers.


Frontend Developer

Our frontend developers are specialized in JavaScript-frameworks like React and/or Angular, but also know their way around Polymer and/or VueJS.


Backend Developers

Our backend developers are specialized in Java, but also in more functional languages like Scala and Kotlin. Alternatively, we also apply JavaScript in backends with NodeJS.


Full-stack Developers

Our full-stack developers are the best of both worlds. With the combined expertise of Java & JavaScript, our full-stack developers are multi employable.


Mobile Developer

Our mobile developers not only write code for iOS and Android, we also develop in  React Native, so that both operating systems are served.

Software Consultant

The services of Sytac aren’t limited to just developing, we also provide software consultants that can provide high level advice that meet the most advanced business requirements. These consultants are strong communicators and help setting up new projects or bring existing projects to the next level. They operate as tech-leads, team-leads or as architects and can translate the technical part to the business part.


Development team

We not only provide companies with individual developers and consultants, we can also provide entire development teams. These teams consist of developers, a team lead and a scrum-master, but the composition can differ, depending on your needs. Our teams are perfectly attuned and the members know each other to the core.


In-house team

When our assistance is desirable, but our on-site presence isn’t, our development teams can work from our own office.



When desirable, our development teams can also work at our clients’ office, so they can see and feel the problems they’ll work on for themselves.