We take this consultancy thing pretty seriously.
We are a team of top-notch Java and JavaScript-experts that provides companies the expertise needed to build complex software applications.

Our expertise

We provide software development expertise and advice to set up and execute software projects.



Software Developer

We’ve top-notch developers who can help speed up the development process of your project. Our developers are highly skilled, strong communicators and flexible deployable.


Software Consultant

Our software consultants are specially trained to provide advice on either setting up new projects or bringing existing projects to the next level.


Development Team

At Sytac, we’ve got perfectly attuned teams of software developers ready to meet your software requirements. Working either remote or on-site.

We are specialised in Java & JavaScript development and offer full-cycle development services for our clients, but our services aren’t limited to just developing. Our software consultants have in-depth knowledge and give advice on how to start a project or on how to bring your running project to the next level. We also have interacted development teams ready for on or offside projects.

Our preferred technologies

We are specialised in Java & JavaScript technologies

We are specialized in, but not limited to, Java & JavaScript development, and use many different programming languages. From React to Angular and NodeJS as JavaScript technologies and from good old Java to the more functional Scala and Kotlin. Besides this, we also do mobile development and it goes without saying that all of our developers use the latest versions of all technologies. On top of this, we don’t just provide in coders, we also deliver architects and technical leads and we work with several partners to make a scrum-team complete.


Our cases

A tiny section of our work

We’ve got a wide variety of clients, from high-tech startups to multinationals, and we’ve got also a wide variety of people working on projects for them, from developers to scrum-masters. To get a better picture of our activities, here it is possible to read some experiences of both our employees and our clients about working with Sytac.